15-18 AUGUST 2019



Hello Dear Relatives,


We want to welcome you to the 4th  and last Kiva of this cycle in the Netherlands at our new Kiva-site: Campground Maria-Hoeve, Papenvoort 2, 9447 TV Papenvoort, The Netherlands


After honoring Spirit, our family and friends and our ancestors, it’s now time to honor ‘ourselves’ and pray for personal wisdom and healing. This will be the focus of the Kiva Gathering 2019 organized by “Roots of the Earth-Netherlands”


As most of you already know, the Kiva is a four day ceremonial Gathering set around four Sacred Fires. These Fires include the Sweatlodge Fire, the Kiva Fire, the Kitchen Fire and the Social Fire, all burning continuously for four days and nights. With help of our indigenous Elders and Wisdomkeepers we pray for Mother Earth and for peace and harmony with all living beings.


While living together as one big family, we ask all of you to help out with various tasks around the campsite to keep the camp running. Upon arrival we ask you to sign up on which day(s) you want to help out. If everyone, young and old does at least one or two tasks we can spread the work evenly among the whole community. In this way we are all carrying the ceremony together!


What to Bring:

  • If you are on a special restrictive diet, please bring your own food!
  • Camping gear: tent, bedding, flashlight.
  • Because we’re camping in the woods, bring long tent pins and maybe an extra tarp (los grondzeil) to put under your tent.
  • Cutlery, cup, plate and bowl and your own dishwashing towel, preferably in a cotton bag you can bring along with you!
  • Warm cloths.
  • Rain cloths.  
  • Organic soaps and toiletries.
  • Toilet paper.
  • First aid kit (be aware there can be mosquito’s, ticks and wasps this time of year)
  • Personal refillable water bottle.
  • 3 garbage bags, so you can separate your own garbage in paper/plastics/glass at your campsite.
  • Sacred personal item or photo to put on the Kiva-altar.
  • Sweat lodge (temazcal) clothing: dress and/or big scarf for women, shorts for men, towel and/or bathrobe.
  • Beautiful clothing to wear during the Kiva ceremonies.


What Not to Bring and other No-no’s:

  • No dogs please!
  • No drugs, no alcohol at the campground and ceremonial area during the four days of the Kiva.
  • Tobacco smoking only allowed at the smoking area, not at the campground or ceremonial area.
  • Because the ceremony is set around the four Sacred Fires we ask you to not start your own fires during the Kiva.
  • No one is allowed to take photographs or video’s except the professionals hired by Roots of the Earth.
  • We love to keep the Kiva-area clean so please don’t bring garbage and plastics to the ceremonial area.


Important message for parents with children:

  • The parents are at all times responsible for their own children particularly when it comes to the swimming area. No child should be allowed to swim without a parent or a designated grown up person in charge.
  • Although we provide children’s activities, you should not leave your child unattended at the children’s area as we do not provide childcare.
  • During the Kiva ceremonies the children’s area will be closed and you should therefore have your children with you.


Additional information

Upon arrival you will get a map of the camp and the ceremonial area.
Swimming protocol: There are restrictive hours when we allow swimming in the pond!
There will be silence at the camp from 23.00 hrs.


Wednesday evening at 20.00 hrs. you are welcome to the opening ceremony ‘Battle-cry’ by Toroa Aperahama and his group, based on the Haka.


Thursday morning at 5 o’clock (sunrise) you are welcome to witness the Sacred Fire of the Sweatlodge being lit.


Important information about arriving at Campground Landgoed Maria-Hoeve:

Adress: Papenvoort 2, 9447 TV Papenvoort, The Netherlands

Go to google maps >



Check in: Wednesday August 14th, 11.00 – 23.00 hrs.

How to get to Landgoed Maria-Hoeve?

  • By Public Transportation: The nearest train station is Assen. From the station there are two ways to get to Maria-Hoeve: 
  1. We provide a shuttle bus ones an hour on august 14th from train station Assen (costs €10) Meeting point for the shuttle is at the dog sculpture (7 meters high, not to be missed)
  1. Bus 24 (one’s an hour) from train station Assen takes you to bus stop ‘Minhaar’. From there it’s a 10-minute walk to Landgoed Maria-Hoeve, on august 14th we’ll have a transportation from the bus stop to Maria-Hoeve. (This bus does not drive on Sundays)
  • By Car: From Assen take the N33 direction Veendam / Gieten. After 5 minutes take exit: Rolde/ Borger Take the N857 direction Borger. Right after the sign: Papenvoort, is the entrance to Landgoed Maria-Hoeve (second gate!)


When arriving at Landgoed Maria-Hoeve, please fallow the instructions of the people in yellow jackets. From the parking (if you come by car) you will be guided towards the Welcome-teams at the Checking point, to register and make your payment if you haven’t done so.

Here you get your pass and all the information you need about the camp and about the ceremonial          information. 

This is also the moment to sign up for the extra tasks you’d like to do as a Kiva family member,
Supporting our communal living experience.


Thank you for reading this information thoroughly. We are very much looking forward to a beautiful, empowering communal ceremony with all of you! Hugs and blessings from the Kiva team and the family of Kiva-volunteers.


Ticket information

No printing is required.

Your ticket is on your name (unless you sold it, then let us know).

At the checkin we need your name and thats it.


Payment note

If you have paid the deposit of 50,- for this event,  please pay the rest in cash, we don't have a pinmachine!