15-19 AUGUST 2019


(It's not philosophy, it's physics!)


Adress of the campside and carparking is:

Camping-Cafe-Restaurant Kerkemeijer
Ruurloseweg 51
7271 RS
Borculo (Gem. Berkelland)
The Netherlands

Public transport
The most nearest train railway station is Ruurlo.
From here take the bus to Borculo. (23)
Get off at " Snofhutte " and walk about in 10 minutes to the campside (see map below)

For intercontinental flights you can fly on
Amsterdam (NL) - "Schiphol"
Dusseldorf Int. (D) - "DUS"
Dusseldorf Weeze (D) - "Weeze"
Eindhoven (NL) - "Eindhoven airport"

From here take the train via Arnhem to Ruurlo.

For the international-train-connection you go to
Train railway station Arnhem.
From here you take the train to Ruurlo and bus (23) to Borculo. And get of the bus at " Snofhutte " ( see map below )

Get a lift

For arranging transport you can always leave a message on the event page on Facebook.


Written by Natali Del Carmen, head of the childrens-area.

First of all I am thankfull for the opportunity to make the framework of the chidrens-area.
We can learn so much from eachother, children are free, wild, pure, authentic and they live in the moment. We will create something beautiful together.

And so many more gifts they share with us.
We pray in the Kiva for our big Mama, Mother-earth and for the next generations to come.
So we have a special place for the children during the Kiva Ceremony.
Some of the Elders will take time to share their wisdom with the children, by storytelling, singing, playing, dancing en so on...

There will be a free playground, with sand, climbing in the forest and more, were the children are free to play.

Very important to recomment that by all times, parents themselves are responsable for their children all the time, we are „not a profesional childrens home“!

We will provide and host „Workshops“ for the children.
And also here... the parents are still responsable.
There will be a little wichkitchen, creating dreamcatchers, ojo de dios, earthwork, painting, drawing, glueing, etc, etc...

The final programm will be shown in the information area during and before the Kiva.
If you feel like supporting by giving a workshop you can contact me from now on ( or fb Bri Natali Colibri ), than I can tell you some detail about the information and structure. Also we are open for spontanious actions during the Kiva, we also can offer materials, in that case it would be nice if you contact me.

When the ritual inside of the Kiva with the Elders are held, most of the time during the morning and the end of the day, there will be no workshops. And no one except their parents look after their own children inside the childrens area.

So we are kindly asking you to keep taking your responsability as a parent and see it as a beautiful opportunity to have time with your children at the Kiva, by playing, praying, being creative, dancing, singing, jumping, climbing, enz..., enjoying being, experiencing together!

With a warm heart we welcome you to pray and play at the childrensground of the Kiva!

Natali del Carmen Rolirad


For the realisation of this 4 days-gathering we ask a contribution, this includes the stay on the camp-side, participation of the kiva-ceremony, workshops and 4 days of vegetarian and 95% biological meals and drinks. We can NOT serve special diet-wishes, please bring your own, thanks!

We decided this year that we only go for the 4 days's stay, For the people from abroad of Holland, and have much more costs for traveling to Borculo, we have a lower contribution.
For the Dutchies, who don't have as many costs for traveling we have made the contribution a bit higher than last year, this to cover all the costs.

4 days stay for the Dutchies ;-)
* Adults ( 18-88 ) -         € 295,- ( Earlybird € 275,- before 15th of June )
* Grown ups ( 13-17 ) -   € 150,- ( Earlybird € 135,- before 15th of June )
* Children ( 0-12 ) -        € 35,- 

4 days stay for people Abroad the Netherlands
* Adults ( 18-88 ) -         € 245,- ( Earlybird € 225,- before 15th of June )
* Grown ups ( 13-17 ) -   € 110,- ( Earlybird € 95,- before 15th of June )
* Children ( 0-12 ) -        € 25,- 

We can embrace 350 participants, so this will be the maximum.

To be sure of a place please register yourself.


Note ... once you bought a ticket it cannot be sold back, you can always pass it on to someone else through the facebook-page.


The Elders will share everyday their stories and wisdom in a kind of form of a workshop. Welcome!

There will be these days little market-shops where the indigenous people will show and sell their beautifull handycrafts.

Every morning we will have sweatlodge's - inipi's for a fresh, clean and connected start of the day...


For camping bring you own tent.
( Many people ask if we provide tents, We do not have tent's, please bring your own )
Take clothes with you who are suitable to the weather.
Bring your own plate, cup, soup bowl and cutlery !!!
A torch is also very handy...
For the sweatlodge bring towels. And for the woman a sarong/skirt and for the man a short trousers.


During the 4 days stay on the ceremonial ground and campside it's not allowed to use, or be under influence of alcohol and any (soft)drugs.
Thank you ;-)


Because we will be for 4 days together as one tribe, it is nice if we all help to keep the "river" flowing in the good direction. So we will attend you to contribute in this.
There will be work in the kitchen, toilets, coffee/tea- bar, around the sweatlodges, etc... Thanks a lot… ;-)